Freelance & Academic Work

Freelancing for more than 4 years is how I learned about design. I'm a self-taught designer, learning about User Experience, Digital Products, and Visual Design through great collaborative work experiences. Here are select client and academic projects.

Learning Online*
Berklee Online is the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, delivering access to Berklee’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world. 

I wanted to design an interactive environment for students to engage with western music history topics by visually interpreting some of the key curriculum topics.


Dynamic Lighting*
LIFX is a smart-bulb company founded by Phil Bosua, debuting in 2012 via support from a kickstarter campaign. LIFX is a wifi enabled, multi color, energy efficient LED bulb that users can control with their smartphone.

 I wanted to create an interactive visualization that gave users a sense of how lighting and color could be used to enhance their day. Along with knowing what the smart-bulb does I wanted to illustrate how, by showcasing the family of bulbs and creating a blueprint which combines technical and buyer specs.


Going Mobile*
Totokaelo is a purveyor of beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated fashion, art, and objects. Bringing together style and artistry, forgoing commerciality in favor of beauty and honesty. The TK collection is home to some of the most sought after and limited items in the global market.

I wanted to redesign TK's non-responsive website into a flexible, streamlined mobile experience. Focusing on the brand's personality: extraordinary, creative, and inspired. Sophisticated but hip, smart but friendly and hospitable. Simple and honest, but distinct and hopeful. 


Rescuing Pianos
We rescued 2 pianos, deconstructed them and designed them into two new instruments. Each instrument was built from the parts of a single piano, the design team couldn't use anything that didn't come from the original piano other than glue and screws. Other rules applied;  each piano had to be free

 (or freely given to us), the piano had to be in disrepair, and the final instrument had to be small enough to transport without having to hire piano movers! There were two public performance and two exhibits staged at the Jack Straw Studios and New Media Gallery and at the South Seattle Community College Art Gallery. 


*Academic Pieces